After 30 years of research into eye and head movement analysis, ‘NeuroFlex’, a testing device for more than 200 neurological disorders, will be used in clinics, hospitals, and the sidelines of sports fields.
Mayo Clinic researchers have defined a form of Alzheimer’s disease that affects people as young as their early 40s, presenting with atypical symptoms, and affecting a different part of the brain not usually associated with Alzheimer’s.
A link between living patients exposed to repetitive head impacts and difficulties with cognitive functioning and depression years or decades later has been found in a study of 13,323 individuals.
Sports psychologist, Matthew Sacco, discussed the common mental blocks that stop athletes from recovering from physical injuries, creating a strong link between mental health, recovery, and performance.
A mental health coaching service, NewAccess, could improve the mental health and wellbeing of almost 450,000 Australians, according to new research published in the Journal of Mental Health.
Digital Health Organization (DHO), managing director, Nathan Thynne, discussed the makings of DHO, the future of digital health, and how DHO’s partnerships with Presagia Sports and Saccade Analytics will help equip and empower humanity.
Research presented at the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Annual Meeting, identified the unique challenges that come with mobile health technologies for the management of depression.
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