The origin of the DHO story started in 1992 when Dr. Grenville Thynne, an internationally recognised Surgeon having trained at the Royal Marsden Hospital (UK) and Mayo Clinic (USA), as well as his birth place Australia, and his wife Jan, an Australian Registered Nurse with a UK accredited nursing diploma, established Health Corporation of Australia (HCA).

The vision was to create a hospital company and assist in research and education in the health care sector. Shortly thereafter the well-respected and late Mr. Lindsay Yeo AO (Order of Australia) and Dr Thynne’s son Nathan joined HCA as the Chairman and Managing Director respectively.

It was from this initial base that the group grew various businesses in the Healthcare, Wellbeing and eHealth sectors over the next decades until present day.

Some highlights are

The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for a new surge of social isolation, stress, deep anxiety and depression.

We're here to provide a solution.
We are on a mission to build Brain Resilience for everyone around the world that will equip individuals to better manage their psychological health and its associated problems.
Our people need a tool that empowers them to take control over their brain health that is scientifically proven to identify brain anomalies and potential mental illnesses, provide rehabilitation, and increase Brain Resilience.
We have the solution:
An innovative digital health technology for humanity to take control of their brain health, build brain resilience and tackle mental illnesses.
The solution has over 20 personalised and interactive exercises that provide targeted training and rehabilitation that builds Brain Resilience.


DHO is dedicated to using technology to empower the improvement of individuals’ health and wellbeing for a better quality of life and simultaneously driving down healthcare costs. We achieve this by providing a secure, scalable digital health record platform, world-class collaborative software, Virtual Reality (VR) tools and more.

core products

  • VR brain function test for concussions, vestibular disorders, neurological dysfunctions that target Brain Health Assessment & Monitoring that provide objective, performance data-driven metrics to support a diagnosis, or a performance evaluation for specific training and/or rehabilitation that will create brain resilience to better manage mental health.
  • VR brain training exercises build Brain Resilience with over 20 personalized and interactive exercises that provide targeted training and rehabilitation to precipitate recovery and resilience.
  • The Digital Health Platform captures brain health and mental health data along with broader health & wellbeing information on an internationally recognised standards based, secure SaaS platform.
  • The Electronic Health Record which is at the core of the platform.
  • Research & Development Portal presenting de-identified data for use by researchers and institutions.
  • Concussion tools utilising the VR brain testing technology and the Digital Health Platform to test and record the concussion the meet international standards for concussion assessment.

proven technology

  • The Digital Health Platform has been providing enterprise-class health management software to International independent bodies (e.g. World Anti-Doping Authority) first responder organisations (e.g. LA Fire Department), Hospital & Healthcare organizations (e.g. Trinity Health), veteran and aged care groups (e.g. Guthrie Clinics) sports medicine clinics (e.g. Orthomemphis Sports Medicine), school districts (Fairfax County Public Schools), Olympic organizations (e.g. USA Ski & Snowboard team), sporting authorities (e.g. British Horse racing authority), professional sports teams (e.g. UCLA Bruins men’s basketball team), performance arts organizations (e.g. Cirque du Soleil), and world renowned Universities – platform holds over 40% of USNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) student athletes records. The NCAA is a non-profit organization that regulates student athletes from 1,268 North American institutions and conferences around the world for more than 20 years. 
  • The Digital Health Platform has conducted more than 110,000 concussion tests through the US College Pac-12 Conference that includes world recognised universities such as Stanford University, UCLA, USC, Washington State University, Oregon State University, University of Arizona and the University of Washington.
  • The Data and Research portal has been used since 2015 in the Concussion Assessment Research & Education (CARE) program by leading USA Universities and was funded by the NCAA & US Department of Defence. It is proven to population-based health promotion and research.
  • The VR technology is backed by scientific research & expertise based on decades of research at McGill University’s (Canada) Biomedical Engineering department and associated hospitals (with over 200 publications on the subject in top peer-reviewed journals) and is Canada Health approved with TGA application in progress.
  • The VR technology is Health Canada approved, FDA (USA) approval pending and TGA (Australia) application in progress.
  • The VR technology is current in use by leading institutions, hospitals & clinics in Canada such as the York University, Montreal Children’s Hospital, the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute and leading sporting organisations including 24 time NHL champions, the Montreal Canadians.

digital health solutions

  • The VR brain testing is primarily an early intervention and prevention. The prevention and early diagnosis technologies are a feature of the application, as once the VR test is conducted a detailed report is generated and the individual’s baseline is established. From this initial baseline a preventative program that is person specific is generated for Brain health training (20 VR exercises exist) to create brain resilience that allow the individual to better manage mental health issues.
  • The early diagnosis is also evident from the baseline test as the technology can pick up brain health anomalies including for mental health illnesses including, Concussion, Depression, Post-traumatic-stress-disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Meniere’s disease, Huntington’s disease, inner ear problems, drug or alcohol abuse, Schizophrenia and more.
  • The treatment program for the respective aliment the VR technology will provide personalised rehabilitation treatment (20 VR exercises exist). As the individual does further tests over time and the creation of a longitudinal record that can be referenced back to the baseline showcasing brain health improvement.
  • The Digital health platform captures the individual’s data that monitors their health and wellbeing and with the platforms deep functionality can identify potential health anomalies and hence a potential early diagnosis. The Digital health record is person controlled and can incorporate connectivity to broader senor and/or medical devices to capture further health and wellbeing information of the individual
  • The Data & Research portal allows the sharing of de-identified health and wellbeing data of a population that can researchers can then use to assess against their specific cohort and hence determine anomalies and identify factors that may be causing health issues and a potential early diagnosis.
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