DHO Managing Director Nathan Thynne On A Mission To Innovate Digital Health

Digital Health Organization (DHO), managing director, Nathan Thynne, discussed the makings of DHO, the future of digital health, and how DHO’s partnerships with Presagia Sports and Saccade Analytics will help equip and empower humanity.
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DHO is an Australian health technology company aiming to use technology to empower the improvement of individuals’ health and wellbeing for a better quality of life at a reduced healthcare cost.

By providing a secure, scalable electronic health record platform, along with world-class collaborative software tools and medical devices, DHO applies digital transformation to achieve ‘consumer-centric’ outcomes involving industry stakeholders for personalised health and wellness management and disease prevention.

“The DHO story started in 1992 when my father, Dr. Grenville Thynne, an internationally recognised surgeon, and my mother Jan, an Australian registered nurse, established our first healthcare company,” Nathan Thynne said.

“It was from this initial base that grew various businesses in the health and ehealth sectors over the next decades until present day.

“We witnessed first-hand the dynamic growth of digital health technologies and see this as the future to achieve our vision of empowering the improvement of individuals’ health and wellbeing for a better quality of life at a reduced healthcare cost.

“What better cause is there than to be a facilitator of giving humanity a longer life and saving families on their healthcare costs?” he said, discussing the drive behind DHO’s creation.

“In the current COVID-19 environment, our immediate priority is to use DHO technologies to dramatically improve people’s brain health and wellbeing to help solve the current mental health crisis,” Thynne said, when asked what the future of DHO looks like.

“In the medium term, and well into the future, we envisage being at the forefront of digital health innovation and bringing these technologies to the community at large.

“Who knows, we could help society find a cure for a disease.

“We could help drive healthcare costs to a point of universal healthcare,” he said.

Discussing DHO’s partnerships with both Saccade and Presagia, Thynne said the combination of Saccade’s technology and Presagia’s management systems will drive the change to the healthcare industry.

“We are on an immediate mission to bring the Virtual Reality (VR) brain testing, training, and rehabilitation programs [Saccade’s technology] to frontline workers during this horrible COVID-19 period, to help build their brain resilience and be better equipped to deal with mental health issues,” he said.

“Secondly, the VR application has the ability to help in the diagnosis of concussion.

“As sport resumes and in particular in the grassroots sporting communities, we will provide the tools to better manage and rehabilitate from a concussion.

“And finally, we want to help and provide the technology to the broader community, but in particular support those groups most in need and the disadvantaged.

“Our main goal today is using the technology to dramatically improve people’s brain health to build brain resilience to help solve the current mental health crisis.

“Our immediate goal with Presagia is to digitally capture the health and wellbeing information of our community, and we are astutely focussed on grassroots sports and in particular taking concussion recordings from a predominately paper-based system, to a digital record.

“This will allow researchers to view this data on a secure de-identified basis to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes,” Thynne said.

With the combination of the Saccade Analytics and Presagia Sport partnerships, Digital Health Organization presents six core products to serve the healthcare sector, with a mission to equip and empower humanity with innovative digital health solutions.

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