DHO Managing Director, Thynne, Speaks On Brain Health Technology

Digital Health Organization (DHO) recently commissioned media partner, Ministry of Sport, to create a series of Brain Health Conversations, where Ben Parsons, spoke to several key local and international experts on the topic of brain health and concussion.
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DHO managing director, Nathan Thynne, spoke to Parsons about the growth of new health technologies and how brain health needs to be a focus in the sports industry.

“We’ve got to start looking now at brain health,” Thynne told Ministry of Sport.

“At the brain health of our community, and within that is definitely a very serious piece, which applies directly to sport, which is sub-concussions and concussions.

“The sooner we can get the product and the processes out to the community, we already have some elite teams using it, is that then we are really able to look at those longitudinal records and really start to make better informed healthcare decisions for our community as a whole.

“The other thing I can tell you is that it will drive down healthcare costs,” he said.

Thynne also discussed just how DHO is bringing world-class medical grade brain health products to the Australian market such as NeuroFlex and aligning with world class experts on the topic of brain health to broaden the local conversation.

As part of the Brain Health Conversation series, Parsons speaks with DHO partner, Saccade Analytics, chief technology officer, Sam Collins, on NeuroFlex, the virtual reality eye-tracking technology and how it aims to deliver better care for concussions and vestibular disorders.

Parsons also spoke to Mind Medicine Australia senior health executive, Jane Burns on mental fitness, wellbeing, social innovation, and disability, as well as Boston University CTE Center director and professor of Neurology and Pathology at Boston University of Medicine, Dr. Ann McKee on the long-term effects of repetitive head impacts, concussion, and blast injury in contact sports.

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