Digital Health Organization (DHO) is dedicated to using technology to empower the improvement of individuals’ health and wellness.

We provide digital technologies for personalised wellness management and better quality of life, disease prevention that help monitor and improve conditions and making healthcare more tailored and affordable to individual needs.

DHO is about applying digital transformation, through disruptive technologies and cultural change, to the healthcare and wellbeing sectors.

This is achieved through digital health solutions involving many stakeholders, including wellness and lifestyle promotors, clinicians, researchers and scientists with a wide range of expertise in wellbeing, healthcare, engineering, social sciences, private and public health, health economics and data management. The convergence of digital technologies with wellness, health, healthcare, living, and society will only enhance the efficiency of health and wellness delivery to be more personalised and precise at a lower cost.

DHO is about having ‘consumer centric’ outcomes that involve all industry stakeholders to drive down healthcare cost and improve quality of life.

Please stayed tuned for more information on this exciting next chapter in our digital health transformation work and upcoming projects.

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