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DHO offers access to ground-breaking technology by providing a secure, scalable digital health record platform, world-class collaborative software, virtual reality tools and more. 

NeuroFlex® enables healthcare physicians and therapists to objectively assess and manage neurological issues, vestibular dysfunction, and concussions by leveraging eye-tracking in virtual reality. Every patient experiences a concussion or vestibular disorder differently. NeuroFlex tracks progress over time, so treatments can be personalised to each person’s specific issues.

NeuroFlex® Training package, where you can access VR rehab exercises specific to each of your tests and more. The system doesn’t lose accuracy or sensitivity over time. It evaluates the capabilities of different systems in the brain, localising the effect of a disorder. Over 20 personalised and interactive exercises provide targeted training and rehabilitation to precipitate recovery and resilience.

Highly configurable enterprise-class platform that meets the worlds best healthcare compliance standards, is secure, scalable multilingual and is interoperabile to application program interfaces that enable data and protected health information sharing and communication among different Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology systems.

Developed in 2015 in conjunction with the USA National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) conference and comprised of the Pac-12 member universities, the portal provides de-identified Digital Health Record data to each of the universities to record and manage their athletes health related to injuries, concussion, illnesses, performance, treatments and use for research.

World leader in digitally recording concussion testing having conducted over 110,000 Standard Concussion Assessment Tests (SCAT5). Additionally, the concussion event during play can be measured using the VR brain test in a 3 minute timeframe that provides a detailed on the spot report for the medical officer to make an informed concussion determination. 

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