Digital Health Platform

The Digital Health Platform is a secure and scalable solution that facilitates communication and provides everyone involved in the care of individuals with secure access to the information they need, anytime, anywhere on any connected device.

Designed to support small or large multi-sport organizations, improves efficiency and collaboration, and allows our customers to collect, manage and analyze every aspect of their health in order to improve performance.

empower the health & wellbeing
of your community

Centralize your digital health records

A tool to efficiently and accurately document injuries, illnesses, interventions, and more. Data entry into one easy-to-use and secure environment also leads to better collaboration and consistency among the healthcare team, providing you with a holistic view of the individuals health.

Simplify the healthcare team’s
day-to-day activities

Why continue with endless amounts of paperwork? The Digital Health Platform provides your team with a cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to streamline tedious tasks such as data entry and inputting specific treatment notes, giving healthcare professionals time to focus on the individuals health and wellbeing.

performing at the highest level

By properly managing and preventing injuries, you ensure better performance whether its an athlete returning to play or an employee returning to work. Your team can easily see the status of each individual to make informed treatment or training  that keep your individuals performing at their peak.

Gain actionable insight into trends and important data

With advanced reporting features, your organization can report on individual health data. This gives you the ability to analyze trends, develop strategies to address issues, and measure results. Give your decision-makers all the information they need to make the right choices for the well-being of your team!

How it works

Full Medical Tracking

Your healthcare team can have full athlete health histories at their fingertips, including injuries, illnesses, treatments, surgeries, encounters, and so much more.

individual Profiles

Gives you all the tools you need to build complete profiles, including general and demographic information.

Concussion Assessment

Better diagnose concussions with  integrated user-friendly SCAT5 compatible concussion assessment – anytime, anywhere!

Attach Notes & Files

Attach notes (SOAP) and supporting files such as authorisation forms, mental health notes  and even X-Rays to individual athlete health records, simply and effectively.

Advanced System Admin

System administrators rejoice: our solution provides enhanced administration functions such as easy individual import and the graduation feature.

Notifications & Alerts

Never lose track of each individuals recovery process and ensure that all members of the healthcare team collaborate effectively and efficiently with integrated alerts.

Room Kiosk

With the individual able to self check-in and quick treatment features, your healthcare team can rapidly enter treatment information for greater efficiency.

Appointment Scheduler

Improve communication around the treatment room and the department with the  appointment scheduler.

Built-In Reporting

Built-in reporting system allows you to run standard or create customizable ad-hoc reports that can be easily exported.

Mobile Access

Your healthcare team is always on the move. That’s why our solution affords to access all the important information you need via your mobile devices.


Pre-configured so it can be used from day #1 to help you improve your outcomes. It can also be configured to your specific needs.

Always Innovating

We are constantly looking at ways to make our customers’ day-to-day lives easier. Stay tuned for more features rolling out in the near future!

Who Can Benefit from the platform

Academic Institutions

Whether you’re a leading educational body, high school, college or university, the software allows you to securely manage and share student data. 

Professional Sports & performing arts

Every moment counts when managing a professional team or teams. Our software provides valuable insights to better manage your athletes’ health.

hospitals & healthcare Clinics

Maximize the quality and efficiency of care you provide your patients. Our system allows you to effectively track each stage of the treatment process.


Create a standards based and secure platform that will allow the individual to take control of their health & wellbeing. 


Monitor the return to work of your employees through paperless, secure and best practice medical standards.

The Security of Your Data Is Our Priority

We understand the importance of information security and utilizes best-practices to protect customers’ data for the highest level of security and privacy.

Role and Group-Based Security

Role and group-based security model enables customers to fine-tune each user’s access rights and permissions so that they only see information that they are authorized to.


Our software ensures compliance, meaning all private health information is securely encrypted and properly documented according to industry best-practices.

Secure Data Storage

Protects your data by following industry-standard best practices. All data is continuously backed up to prevent potential data loss or breaches. No matter what disasters may strike, your data is always in good hands.

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